Our cultural construction is China Beststudy Education Group's key to achieving rapid and sound growth. Keenly aware that the most precious asset of the company is our human capital, we have always emphasized employee development, and are committed to build an open platform where we are driven by passion and challenges, and can grow together.


At China Beststudy Education Group, we have a structured development framework for our employees to build well-rounded, T-shaped skillsets; through organizational empowerment schemes such as internal entrepreneurship, Project Soar (Honghu) and Project Starfish, we bring out each employee’s potential and aspiration; with a mentoring culture, everyone grows together, realizing accelerated growth as a team. By joining hands, we help children grow healthily, so that China will be ahead of the world in education.

Our Mission

Nurturing excellent individuals for the future of our country

Each child's individual attributes are nurtured to equip him or her with holistic abilities in preparation for future challenges.

Our Vision

To become children and parents' favorite and most trusted place of learning and growth

“Education is growth,” said the educator Dewey. Each child is like a seed with its unique growth path and pattern. Growth means respecting the attributes of each child and helping them achieve their ideals.

Our Four Core Values


All for children

The healthy growth of each child is fundamental to our work. We regard each and every child as our own, and help them maximize their potential, keeping their promising future in mind.


Growing through challenges

We are self-motivated and resourceful individuals; we take the bull by the horns by tackling numerous challenges head-on.


Being open and innovate to achieve the extraordinary

We remain young, break the shackles of thinking with an open mind, and constantly create new ideas and models that lead the industry.



Determined to fulfill our mission, we benchmark our performance against key indicators; a result-oriented culture helps foster the development of high-performance professionals.


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